Krishna / Antiplastic


Organic and wildcrafted therapeutic transdermal oil. A powerful ally to help mitigate the effects of our exposure to plastics. Use after drinking or eating from food that touched plastic, even BPA-free, wearing synthetic clothing, drinking tap water, and regularly if you take pharmaceuticals.

How to use: 

Melt a few drops on palms, soles, and pulse points at wrist and neck. Can also be smoothed down the spine from skull to tailbone. Take three elongated breaths. 

Our organic/wildcrafted ingredients: Each formula is synergistic. 

Cold-pressed jojoba: A non-sticky, easily absorbed liquid wax that is neutral for each dosha. 

Triple concentrated olive oil maceration of: Fenugreek, Mullein, Olive leaf, Lemon balm. This combination can be found in the book Medical Medium.

Proprietary hydrodistillation: Organic Egyptian rose and Omani frankincense. This blend acts as a preservative to extend the life of our oils and has been created to deeply soften the heart and open the body's reception to the medicine. The plants are organic/wildcrafted and water distilled in glass by a master, who has collaborated with us to create a blend that is quiet, nourishing, and supportive.


30ml clear glass Eurodropper bottle. 

Krishna / Antiplastic

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