Buddha / Antiradiation


Organic and wildcrafted therapeutic transdermal oil. Helps mitigate radiation exposure. Use when intuited as well as during and after exposure to EMFs, excess sun, air travel, an office or hospital environment, microwaves, and daily life in the industrial world. 

How to use: 

Melt a few drops on palms, soles, and pulse points at wrist and neck. Can also be smoothed down the spine from skull to tailbone. Take three elongated breaths. 

There are marma points for EMF exposure at the center of the palms and the center of the foot, just above the arch. Lightly pressing these points while taking a few deep breaths will increase the effectiveness.

Our organic/wildcrafted ingredients: Each formula is synergistic. 

Cold-pressed jojoba: A non-sticky, easily absorbed wax that is neutral for each dosha. 

Triple concentrated olive oil maceration of: Kelp, Dulse, Nettle leaf, Dandelion root. This combination can be found in the book Medical Medium.

Proprietary hydrodistillation: Organic Egyptian rose and Omani frankincense. This blend acts as a preservative to extend the life of our oils and has been created to deeply soften the heart and open the body's reception to the medicine. The plants are organic/wildcrafted and water distilled in glass by a master, who has collaborated with us to create a blend that is quiet, nourishing, and supportive.


30ml clear glass Eurodropper bottle. 

Buddha / Antiradiation

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