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Slow Life Wellness is my plant medicine apothecary. We make powerful, organic transdermal concentrates for detox based on Medical Medium wisdom.


Our transdermal oil formulas are based on information and tea recipes in the books Medical Medium, Thyroid Healing, Life Changing Foods, and Liver Rescue. These therapeutic transdermal oils are not affiliated with or endorsed by the author of those books in any way. However, credit is to be given from me to where it's due. At the time these oils were conceived, I was deep in recovery from severe Epstein-Barr complications. I knew I could never drink as much of the teas from these books as I wanted to, and I personally needed a way to ingest the medicine of the blends without taking them through my compromised digestion. I was compelled by my deep need to receive the healing properties of the plants in transdermal form, and began to brew the tea formulas in oil. When I and others began to see and test how well they worked, I knew I would share them. After months of letting them lead the pace, they asked to be released.

How transdermal plant medicine powerfully supports the modern liver:

The world is a challenging place to be for the human liver. Our livers are our best friends, so hardworking and loyal. In this current world, they are also often totally overwhelmed and unheard. Like all roads leading to Rome, everything we encounter in our days moves through the liver's filtration system. This is important to understand, because if the liver is compromised and is overwhelmed, even the good stuff we give it doesn't get processed optimally. When plant medicine can be delivered directly to the bloodstream, the blood carries it intact to the organs and tissues. This process bypasses the liver and digestion, giving these hardworking and often under-functioning systems a break in order to gain more benefit.

The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda resonated deeply with me when it came time to formulate. Transdermal application is the most common prescription in Ayurveda because of the understanding that a crude herb when taken internally must pass through the digestive process and if digestion is weak, the body will make ama (partially digested material) from the herb. If the liver is toxic, the most subtle vibration of the herb can become altered and the effectiveness of the herb will be a small percentage of what would otherwise be possible.

When a plant ally is absorbed through the skin, rather than through digestion, the liver and the digestive system not only get a rest, the medicine becomes more effective than if it were taken internally. Therapeutic plant material delivered through the skin is ancient medicine that, in today's world, is due for a resurgence of understanding. We get a better picture of why it's so important not to put poisons on our skin. Transdermal absorption gives a compromised liver and digestive system a break, while maximum potency reaches the organs and body tissues. All the juicy vibrational healing qualities remain intact. This type of plant medicine is part of a lifestyle of gentle, constant detox that has been effective throughout time. 

Why are the oils applied to palms, soles, and pulse points? All the bodily organs are represented on the palms and soles, so the energetic exchange through those nerve endings are primary for us humans. The oils can also be swiped from top of spine to tail. The reason for this is to directly impart the plant medicine to the command center of the central nervous system.

Our therapeutic transdermals are strong superconcentrates, created with whole plant organic ingredients only, and entirely made by hand in small batches.

For external use only. 


How I Came To Create Plant Medicine

I became fully aware of the impact of transdermal medicine during a long winter of illness. I suffered a total disruption of my central nervous system - neurotransmitters, Vagal complex, and Phrenic nerve, you name it - caused by the Epstein-Barr virus and other cofactors. I woke up one day unable to see straight, in a constant state of panic, with a long list of scary physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. For months my only identity was in the moment, as I made the rounds to doctors and spent most of my time in prayer. I can see now that I was experiencing decades of viral infection symptoms, and that a period of trauma, as well as my diet, was inadvertently feeding my unwanted guests.

The book Medical Medium came to me a few months into the illness, and I knew without a doubt that I was reading truth about what was happening in my body. Through this grace, I took healing into my own hands gently by taking celery juice each morning and a heavy metal detox smoothie each day, lowering my fat intake, and striking certain foods off my shopping list. Because I was so sick, it was remarkable to feel progress where there had been none before.

I experience life not just through my five senses. I have several other senses that I have not known how to describe or been comfortable to share with others, except clients here and there. Through these senses, I know that I have the luxury of being able to determine to a great extent what is good and what is not for my own physiology, as well as for others, and I don't think this is an unattainable thing. I think this is just an underused natural skill we all have.

As my body was healing, my sensory input was noticeably altered yet again, deepening to depths that I'm still learning how to navigate. I could feel things I couldn't feel before, and was as often overwhelmed as I was amazed. I knew my liver, I knew the virus, I knew where inflammation was. I could trace the impact of each food I ate, each thought I had, each thing I wore as though I were following a real path internally. I realized at one point that I was following a real path, even if I didn't feel confident to say so to anyone other than myself. The unseen world suddenly had a lot more personality, and I could understand more of its language. This changed the way I was able to perceive each supplement I took, each tea, each meal, and each environment. 

I've understood the power of therapeutic transdermal medicine throughout my life, growing up with Ayurvedic medicine, European plant folk medicine, and Energy medicine as the most commonly used wellness wisdom and methods. While I was ill, I used therapeutic herbal preparations in the traditional Ayurvedic way of transdermal therapy - skin absorption of herbs infused in oil through specific points on the body. I did this because I knew my liver and digestion were compromised. 

One day I was applying an Ayurvedic transdermal adaptogen when it struck me like a rainbow ray of light. What would happen if I took the herb combinations in the tea recipes from the Medical Medium book series and applied the principles of transdermal application to them, without altering the recipes? Would they have as much power infused in oil as they do in water? I spent weeks letting the idea sit inside myself until I understood that I was being asked to bring them to people, at which point I had to decide if I was going to do it. I knew that they would be good for me, and that they would help my healing to move along faster, supporting everything else I was doing.

I have spent nearly twenty years as a licensed professional in the organic beauty industry. This line, although not a cosmetic exactly, has cosmetic effects in the long run. It is my honor to present these oils as participants in the growing number of useful things available for effective healing and wellness. 

In Human Design, I am a Projector type. True to Projector form, to do this work I gather my life's experiences in energy healing, permaculture, goldsmithing, professional cooking, spiritual practice, relational practice, art, multidimensional communication, and two decades of seeing clients one to one. I do not work in the role of teacher, I hold space and let my Projector self see the efficiencies, bringing them into clarification and then into action. 

Statement of gratitude:

These therapeutic, protective allies are here thanks to the grace of the author of the books Medical Medium, Life Changing Foods, Thyroid Healing, and Liver Rescue. I recommend the wisdom in these books with my whole heart, as long as the reader is discerning and can take what is useful to them and leave the rest. Also in gratitude to the wisdom of Vaidya Ramakant Mishra who makes some of the best Ayurvedic medicine available. And of course, to the illness that confronted me with the question, "How are you going to empower yourself and can you also empower others by doing so?".

I have taken the wisdom of others and changed the delivery method to bring you these oils. It is extremely important to me to credit the source as long as it's understood that they are not affiliated with my line. Anyone with understanding of plant medicine can make these infusions at home, I'm choosing to make them available because I long to create synergy and connection between healing modalities, and I trust myself.

I want to change the way the world views the power of our plant allies. I want you supported because I'm sure of what you have to bring to the world. As we remember health, it remembers us. We need to be able to get our good, good living done with the strength and joy that is our birthright! I am thankful that you are here on earth!