Choosing a formula:

If you feel that you would like help in choosing a formula, please send a message and I can test them for you.

Materials we use:

Our bottles are ceramic or glass, with either polypropylene lids or monprene glass droppers. We ship with 100% recycled, plastic-free materials, except for our shipping labels, which are standard waterproof.

Our sources:

We source from companies and farms with a transparent supply, based on research, reputation, and my own vibratory cognizance.

Our dried herbs are organic or wildcrafted. We would like to grow our own, and until then we are hoping to work with more small US growers. If you are one, please holler!

We triple macerate each formula, creating a highly concentrated product that is different from others on the market. This is why only a few drops a day are needed. This is also why our costs are higher than the average single infusion.

Our carrier oils are organic, and are traceable to the farms. We are working towards using oil from plants grown in the US, but at this time, it's the vibration that matters most. OIive oil is used for the infusion, which repeats three times in the same oil to create a superconcentrate. Jojoba oil is added at bottling. The two oils together penetrate deeply, nourish, and then disappear into the skin.

Our preservative scent is a hydrodistillation made by a master in the desert Southwest, who distills in glass and sources her own material across the world. All plants are organic or wildcrafted. This scent comprises about 0.2% of each bottle and was crafted to open the body, to quiet, nourish, and support. The formulas are taken in through a softened heart and soothed nerves and energetic bodies, just as much as they are through the skin, bringing a sense of security. The scent is made to dissipate within minutes, so it won't interfere with anything else you wear. We use Egyptian rose, a unique green rose distillation, and Omani frankincense.