Light Codes

Certified Light Code Activation

Increasing personal power in relationship

This is in-person work only, as part of Collaborative Empowerment Coaching or on its own. 

Light codes are specific energetic tools that reside just below the Metamorphic Shell within the physical body. Activating them allows for you to advance to new levels of personal power during evolution.The Metamorphic Shell is a part of the physiology originally designed to protect the spirit. At the current stage of evolution, it serves us all to learn to work with this, as we want to have more control in regulating the Light as it both enters and leaves the body. 

I work with 16 Light Codes, innate to all humans, that are designed to enhance the ability to ground and carry more of that delicious Light from Home. Most people intuitively know which codes they want to activate, based on their life circumstances. Only a few are done at one session, as they are tiny but mighty. Think of it as akin to acupuncture, only a few points are activated in a session. Once activated, they do not need to ever be activated again.


The codes are as follows:

Relationship to Spirit and Higher Self

Relationship to Self

Relationship to Love

Relationship to Life Partner

Relationship to Mom/Dad/Parent

Relationship to Siblings

Relationship to Friends

Relationship to Passion

Relationship to Work or Accomplishments

Relationship to Animals

Relationship to Nature and Earth

Relationship to Creativity, Music, and the Arts

Relationship to Money and Prosperity

Relationship to Ego and Sense of Self

Relationship to Physical Body

Relationship to Energy