Collaborative Empowerment Coaching

Design your life around alignment

This is in-person or online work that often includes Light Code activation and always incorporates PSYCH-K®, as well as Circling and other self-empowering practices. We work together for 28 days in sacred space. 


I help those who are ready to move all aspects of their lives into power.

Your awareness is the medium for all healing.

I collaborate with you as a container and catalyst for your own discovery process.

Because this work is powerful, it is meant for those who are ready to let go of absolutely anything that is no longer serving them, inside and out.

Your happiness level is the only important metric of your success.


We dive for treasures, here are some:

Stepping fully into the role of being your own authority, guide, and healer

Release of polarity belief systems

Deconditioning everything that is not aligned 

PSYCH-K® and subconscious mastery

Omniscopic internal and external space

Understanding that circumstances do not impede taking your power

Quantum languaging

Gene Keys and Human Design

Movement away from polarity in word and deed

Understanding the Vagus nerve as it relates to evolution

Ascension changes to body

Understanding what is really wanted

Living as a surrendered master creator

Knowing that life is a process of evolution and understanding circular time

Mastering no

Intuitive development and self-trust

Sacredness of food and how to optimize the body in the modern world through self-guided cellular healing

Remembering how to do everything for fun, not to get it right. Definitely not to make the most sense

Embodying the new laws of nature as vibration increases