The most important thing I want to say to preface my work is that you can heal yourself without ever working with me. 

That said, I help you in rapid, radical, and nurturing ways to be honest and authentic in front of other people and inside yourself. 

I am interested in how we prosper when we experience deep connection to each other and how we work together as a collective. Holding space at a high level is a process of letting time and space attune each individual's nervous system to connection.

I incorporate several modalities and techniques into our work together, as they come up.

Importantly, this is not old paradigm coaching. This is connection. Everything is taken out of the mental stuff and into practice. Together we are alchemizing knowledge into wisdom, which is not necessarily the purpose of the traditional coaching model. I do collaborate with you in your own discovery process, insomuch as it becomes embodied in you through the container that we create together. My job is to embrace your vulnerabilities with you and enable you to express yourself fully everywhere. This counsel is sacred.

The three unshakable aspects of this container:

· Your awareness is the medium for all healing

· Your happiness level is the only important metric of your success 

· Change is a choice initiated by you

Our work together is done in six month blocks. $3000 is exchanged. To connect about this we get together over zoom and talk awhile. If you'd like to meet, email me and we'll schedule something or join one of my ongoing Circles at any time.