Why transdermals?

Why transdermals?

Anything taken internally needs to be processed through the liver and digestion. When the liver is overwhelmed with toxins, it will have a difficult time effectively processing even the most pure foods and supplements. In ancient medical wisdom, digestion is the ruler of health. If digestion is weak, health is challenged, and it is then wise to look to ingestion through the skin. This external liver bypass is the most ancient way of delivery, penetrating the bloodstream directly. It is through the blood that the medicine reaches the organs and tissues that need it. Transdermal formulas are considered by Ayurvedic medicine to be more potent, immediate, and effective than tea or tincture, an alternative to ingestion for maximum therapeutic impact.
Complete Set - 5ml

Complete Set - 5ml

Kalki / Antiviral Out of stock

Kalki / Antiviral

Narasimha / Liver Support Out of stock

Narasimha / Liver Support

Kurma / Thyroid Support Out of stock

Kurma / Thyroid Support

Krishna / Antiplastic Out of stock

Krishna / Antiplastic

Buddha / Antiradiation Out of stock

Buddha / Antiradiation

All Purpose Balm Out of stock

All Purpose Balm

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Varaha / Adapted Soul Out of stock

Varaha / Adapted Soul

Vamana / Antisolvent Out of stock

Vamana / Antisolvent

Rama / Antipesticide Out of stock

Rama / Antipesticide

Parasuram / Antichlorine Out of stock

Parasuram / Antichlorine

Matsya / Hormone Support Out of stock

Matsya / Hormone Support

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