Lunar Evolution

A 28-day sacred container and catalyst to uplevel and elevate your vibration and clear the core so that your ability to act as your own sovereign channel can develop and strengthen.

The Lunar Evolution is part of my story, part of my own healing process. From my own experience and expertise in transitioning to a high-prana lifestyle, I listened to my guidance and formed the container for this energetic vibrational reset. It is an upleveling designed to establish an exquisitely new level of well-being through the portal of a sacred 28 day cycle. 

It's a workshop, a retreat, and a reset. This sweet transformational container was created to connect several useful tools into a new offering of value at the intersection of Human Design, Ayurveda, Medical Medium guidelines, embodiment and earth connection, and PSYCH-K®
Expand and heal in a simple and profoundly revealing 28-day container for gentle but deep transformation - for those wanting to explore or deepen their connection to eating and food through the lens of your Ayurvedic and Human Design type as well as take your entire life through a deep dive into the magic of  PSYCH-K®
The themes of each week are deeply embedded into the process - Intuition, Joy, Boundaries, and Self-Healing. This space is tailored specifically to you. The purpose is to shift your energy around food and nourishment, earth connection and authentic alignment, to your highest possible vibration in harmony with the earth.


It contains:

Live online care through 

· four 60 minute PSYCH-K® sessions focused on unblocking to the roots your most challenging belief structures and opening up to the most omniscopic life path moving forward

· four total zoom gatherings, one each week, for all of us together to share our experiences, receive each other's wisdom and support, learn the experiential process of vibrational discernment and learn self-testing, practice that weeks' breathwork, and have any questions answered

A 43-page beautifully designed PDF containing the following 

· an Ayurvedic quiz to help determine your type(s)

· a detailed and concise explanation of how to use Ayurveda to make the Medical Medium guidelines truly your own

· all the foundational Medical Medium eating guidelines in a very simple one-page format

· breakfast ideas by Ayurvedic type for transitioning to fat-free mornings

· a list of compliant alternatives to common American packaged food items

· an eleven-page Medical Medium compliant recipe ebook - over 70 dead easy recipes with Ayurvedic annotations designed to heal the heck out of your adrenals and nervous system 

· supporting beliefs and environmental needs for each Human Design type and basic Primary Health System digestion details based on your own chart

· four breathwork techniques, one for each week, to allow the body to experience deep inclusion in the process 

· intuitive groundwork practice instruction that will bring forward your own connection to all of your bodies and hep with identifying and using your own frequency changes on a daily basis

And to round out the experience

· a short audio meditation channeled by me for empowering the heart to open

Please note

For those who want to experience PSYCH-K® separately or not at all, the Lunar Evolution is  also available à la carte in a self-guided PDF format download. The à la carte option includes everything but the weekly zoom gatherings or PSYCH-K®.

The Lunar Evolution begins on each new moon and has a maximum of 10 magical participants. Registration is only available once a month for five days before the new moon. 


Lunar Evolution

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