Powerful plant allies

Powerful plant allies

These formulas help with the chemical inundation that we encounter each day. As more of us become sensitized to our exposure, using effective tools for health is now a priority for many. Finding those tools and understanding their effectiveness in a self-referral way is not easy right now as we swim in a sea of misinformation. I also teach those who are interested simple ways to test the foods, supplements, and everything else they encounter, so that they never have to feel anxious in the guesswork and uncertainty that rules the health industry at this time.
Kalki / Antiviral Out of stock

Kalki / Antiviral

Kurma / Thyroid Support Out of stock

Kurma / Thyroid Support

Buddha / Antiradiation Out of stock

Buddha / Antiradiation

Krishna / Antiplastic Out of stock

Krishna / Antiplastic

Matsya / Hormone Support Out of stock

Matsya / Hormone Support

Rama / Antipesticide Out of stock

Rama / Antipesticide

Parasuram / Antichlorine Out of stock

Parasuram / Antichlorine

Vamana / Antisolvent Out of stock

Vamana / Antisolvent

Varaha / Adapted Soul Out of stock

Varaha / Adapted Soul

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