Ten organic formulas

Ten organic formulas

Our transdermal oil formulas are based on information and tea recipes in the books Medical Medium, Thyroid Healing, Life Changing Foods, and Liver Rescue. These therapeutic transdermal oils are not affiliated with or endorsed by the author of those books in any way. However, credit is to be given from me to where it's due. At the time these oils were conceived, I was deep in recovery from severe Epstein-Barr complications. I knew I could never drink as much of the teas from these books as I wanted to, and I personally needed a way to ingest the medicine of the blends without taking them through my compromised digestion. I was compelled by my deep need to receive the healing properties of the plants in transdermal form, and began to brew the tea formulas in oil. When I and others began to see and test how well they worked, I knew I would share them. After months of letting them lead the pace, they asked to be released.
Kalki / Antiviral Out of stock

Kalki / Antiviral

Kurma / Thyroid Support Out of stock

Kurma / Thyroid Support

Krishna / Antiplastic Out of stock

Krishna / Antiplastic

Buddha / Antiradiation Out of stock

Buddha / Antiradiation

Varaha / Adapted Soul Out of stock

Varaha / Adapted Soul

Vamana / Antisolvent Out of stock

Vamana / Antisolvent

Rama / Antipesticide Out of stock

Rama / Antipesticide

Parasuram / Antichlorine Out of stock

Parasuram / Antichlorine

Matsya / Hormone Support Out of stock

Matsya / Hormone Support

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